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Troop 1029
Summer / Fall 2020

About Warrant Officers

Warrant officers are selected by the Senior Patrol leader (SPL) in consultation with her Assistant Senior Patrol Leader(s). Scouts interested in holding a Warrant Officer position submits a request to the incoming SPL through an interview process, which helps the potential candidate understand the requirements and time commitment of the position.

Troop 1029 - Warrant Role Description & Responsibilities

Patrol Leader
  • Unidox:  
  • Unidox: Addison Gilpin
  • Unidox:  
  • Unidox: Abigail Davis
Chaplain Aid
  • Unidox: Kenna Harrold-Mansk
  • Unidox: Tatum Jackson
    (Asst. QM: Taylor Jackson)
Order of the Arrow
  • Unidox:  

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