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Merit Badges and Requirements

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Making the Selection

With more than 100+ different merit badges, encompassing many different categories of interest, it's no surprise that the abundance of choices and opportunities available can become overwhelming, even for seasoned enthusiastic driven scouts.

Then the questions arises, "Where do I start?" or "Which badge should I choose?"

A few questions a scouts should ask themselves before choosing or starting ANY merit badges are:

  • Which merit badge sounds like fun?
  • Can I commit myself to completing this merit badge?
  • Will this count towards any rank requirements?
  • (if so) Which badge meets that/those rank requirement(s)?

To undertake a merit badge is to explore new ideas, find new interests, and develop new relationships with your adult counselors. Advancement is just a bonus in all this. And not all merit badges are equally hard or time consuming for every scout. Each scout will view a merit badge differently based on their age, level of interest, and/or experiences.

Below is a list of merit badges that has been pre-sorted. Each category has been broken down into four different levels. The levels are based on the amount of work involved or required.

(It's IMPORTANT to note that this list is simply a suggested guide based on age and/or rank level, and is meant as a guide for informational purposes.)

Before starting any merit badge, a scout must get their Scoutmaster's approval, but keep in mind that the troop Advancement Chair or Scoutmaster may question the scouts decision when undertaking any specific merit badge, even though the final choice is the scouts.

(If you would prefer an alphabetized list, BSA provides that here).

Merit Badges

Great for 1st year scouts.
Suggested for 1st and/or 2nd year scouts.

(Note: Eagle required = red.)

Suggested for 1st class and/or Star Rank Scouts.

(Note: Eagle required = red.)

Suggested for older scouts, Star and/or Life Rank Scouts.

(Note: Eagle required = red.)

Level 2 (1st & 2nd Year Scouts)

Level 3 (1st Class & Star Rank Scouts)

Level 4 (Older, Star, & Life Rank Scouts)


Looking for corresponding workbooks for your merit badge? You can download them from the US Scouting Service Project website.

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