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(NOTE: this website is under construction)

As our Troop 1029 expands, patrols will be created and they'll be represented on this page. They will each be provided a space to post their patrol information and whatever scout worthy message they may develop. Each will have it's own unique name, their own cheer / yell, and their own symbol and patrol flag.

Mighty Monarchs Unidox Patrol Patch Cheer: Like a good scout, monarchs are there!

Patrol Members:
  • Abbey Campbell
  • Taylor Jackson
Wild Wolves Unidox Patrol Patch Cheer: Wild wolves we pack a punch! One, two! One, two! *Howl*

Patrol Members:
  • Medha Dutta
  • Anna Fitchett
  • Addison Gilpin
  • Tatum Jackson
  • Tiffany Situ
Soaring Stars Unidox Patrol Patch Cheer: We soar so high, we light up the sky!

Patrol Members:
  • Gabby Cash
  • Izzy Holland
  • Tanisha Kapadia
  • Hattie Weir

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